Schedule of Fees and Costs
Administrative Costs and Arbitration Fees


In force as of February 1, 2000

Article 1

The Claimant in a dispute submitted to CARICI must pay to the "Association pour l'Arbitrage International en matière de Commerce et d'Industrie" (ARICI), - the International Commercial and Industrial Arbitration Association, which is authorised to received it, a registration fee of US$ 2,000.-. No claim will be considered unless presented together with such initiating payment, which is non-refundable.

Article 2

The deposit paid according to Article 17.3 of the Procedural Rules shall be applied towards administrative costs, arbitrator(s') fees and any arbitrator(s)' travelling and associated expenses.

Article 3

Additional claims and counterclaims will give rise, upon filing, to the payment of further deposits in accordance with the CARICI Schedule of Fees and Costs and taking into account the circumstances of the dispute. They will only  be considered after payment of the requisite deposit.

Article 4

Should the Arbitral Tribunal appoint an expert witness, such procedure will begin only after payment by the Parties, or by one of them, of a special deposit set by the Arbitral Tribunal to cover the entire fees and costs related to this order.

Article 5

Administrative charges and arbitrator(s') fees shall be set by CARICI, on the recommendation of the Arbitral Tribunal, based on the following Schedule of Fees and Costs, if the amount in dispute is fixed, and otherwise at the discretion of CARICI.

Travelling and associated expenses of the arbitrator(s') for any hearings are added to administrative charges, after CARICI has approved the vouchers. Such expenses must be paid by the Parties even in case of withdrawal of all claims or of justified postponement of the hearing, if the Arbitrators or one of them could not be given adequate notice.

Article 6

When all Parties to a dispute sign an agreement to withdraw all claims and so notify CARICI prior to the composition of the Arbitral Tribunal, deposits already paid shall be refunded to the Parties, after deduction of an amount equal to one-half of the administrative charges, which amount shall remain the property of ARICI.

Article 7

Should settlement be reached during the proceedings and prior to the final award, CARICI may set lower fees than those of the following Schedule of Fees and Costs

Article 8

Schedule of Rates of Administrative Charges and Arbitrators Fees 
(applied when the amount in dispute is fixed)

Should the amount in dispute not be expressed in U.S. Dollars, it shall be converted to U.S. Dollars at the average rate of exchange fixed by CARICI on the day the claim, or relevent additional claim or counter-claim, are presented. Administrative costs and fees for each Arbitrator shall be calculated by applying to each level of the amount in dispute the percentages listed below and then totalling the amount thus obtained :

Amount in Dispute
Administrative Charges
Arbitrator Fees
0 à
100 000
100 001 à
500 000
500 001 à
1 000 000
1 000 001 à
2 000 000
2 000 001 à
5 000 000
5 000 001 à
10 000 000
10 000 001 à
50 000 000
50 000 001 à
100 000 000
Above US$ 100,000,000, both administrative charges and arbitration fees are determined by CARICI having regard to the circumstances of the litigation.


CARICI may reduce the percentages stated in Article 8 for cases presenting no particular difficulty.

In cases of exceptional difficulty, CARICI may equitably increase both administrative charges and arbitration fees above the amount reached by applying the percentages stated in Article 8, having first informed the parties concerned.